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Emotional Literacy and Well-being

All children have explicit teaching on an aspect of emotional well-being every week with daily reinforcement and check-ins, using the 'Little Spot of ...' resources. 

These lessons include a variety of practical activities as well as group discussions and role play.

Every classroom in the school also has a prominent display of the 'How are you feeling?' spot chart for pupils to use in conversations.  Scribble Spot (where emotions are all muddled up) and Emotion Spot (where they are sorted and identified) help unpick and define feelings.

In reception, children learn the key practical well-being skills of: 

  • Kindness,
  • Patience,
  • Responsibility,
  • Organisation,
  • Respect,
  • Honesty,
  • Safety, and
  • Finding Your Spot In The World (diversity)


In Key Stage 1, Scribble Spot becomes an Emotional Detective and helps unpick what key emotions look and feel like, other ways of describing them and useful strategies to help us move, or keep, ourselves in a productive emotional state.  Emotions (except love) are taught in opposite pairs so happiness is taught alongside sadness; confidence alongside anxiety, peacefulness alongside anger.  Each emotion spot talks about when they are felt, what they look like to other people, what they feel like and what helps them grow or shrink (i.e. practical strategies children can use).

  • Happiness and Sadness
  • Confidence and Anxiety
  • Peacefulness and Anger
  • Love


In Key Stage 2, we look at more challenging feelings such as:

... Empathy   ... Frustration   … Calm    ... Worry   ... Belonging   ... Giving

... Flexible Thinking    ... Boredom    ... Courage    ... Perseverance

... Teamwork    ... Talent   … Thankfulness    ... Optimism    ... Creativity


We also have additional resources that are added to our teaching at appropriate moments for an individual or class,  including … disappointment, anger shield, wasted worry, peaceful hands, positive thinking.



Please look for our ‘Little Spots’ around school and talk for your child or Mrs Law if you would like further information.

SPACES AVAILABLE - Please contact the school office 01249 760602 for more information and to arrange a visit.