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Promoting children’s emotional well-being and resilience forms a key part of every activity at Hilmarton Primary School. Despite this, children (and parents) will encounter challenges as they grow and develop into young adults. 


We are here to help you support your child.  


Please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher or Mrs Law, SENCo, who will be able to suggest or provide resources, and signpost appropriate support provided within school or by external agencies.   

Mrs Law can be contacted by email or via the school office (01249 760602)


Well-being Curriculum

We are using 'A little spot of ....' programme by Diane Alber to support teaching children how to identify, name and manage their emotions and feelings.

'Spot your emotions' and 'How do you feel' posters are in every classroom and used daily to support children's emotional development.  Copies of these can be viewed in the links below or requested from school.

Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs)

To support children to learn how to manage challenges and difficult emotions some of our Teaching Assistants are trained Emotional Literacy Support Assistants (ELSAs) who work both within classes and with individual children to provide support as needed and respond quickly to changes.  Our ELSAs all attend regular training and supervision to ensure that their skills are constantly updated.


Further information on the work of an ELSA can be found in the ELSA leaflet available here and in school, or by contacting Mrs Law, SENCo.

Service Families


Mrs Robertson is our Service Families Support Worker she provides children with support for the challenges that are unique to having a parent who is a member of the Armed Forces.  When Parents inform us of any upcoming deployment Mrs Robertson will work with the child to prepare them for, and support them during, a parent's absence or prior to moving to a new school.

In partnership with the Anna-Freud Institute, we have added daily deep-breathing and muscle relaxation exercises to our day in Mississippi and Waikato to help teach children how to calm themselves when over excited, frustrated or upset.  Please see the relaxation booklet for some of the exercises we use.
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