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Welcome to Waikato!


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Monday 1st March. Good morning, I hope that you are all well. There will be some book activities for World Book Day this week which is on Thursday. See you at the Zoom meeting at 11:30! Mrs Edgecumbe.

Monday 22nd February. Welcome back! I hope that you all had a lovely break from school. There is a busy day ahead! I have added the first chapter of King of the Cloud Forests to the page today, just in case you need a copy. See you all on Zoom at 11:30! Mrs Edgecumbe.

Friday 12th February. We've done another term in lockdown! Well done to all you home-learners. Children need to think of something kind and helpful that they can do for the adults who have been helping them for the last 6 weeks +. Have a lovely half-term and I look forward to seeing you all on Zoom on Monday 22nd February. Take care! Mrs Edgecumbe.

Wednesday 10th February. No White Rose maths today. There are 3 activities - times tables for everyone. If you've been finding things a bit tricky, do the practicing learning facts sheet and work really hard on learning those by heart. Work on learning the off by heart chart too. If you have time, try the fractions, decimals and percentages work as well. If you've been fine with the work recently, do tables and the worksheet - but make sure that you know the off by heart chart! Mrs Edgecumbe.

Tuesday 9th February. Today is safer internet day. There is a live lesson today at 11am on CBBC and BBC teach, which you need to watch for your computing work.. Further details are in the information sheet below. Mrs Edgecumbe.

Monday 8th February. Good morning! Make sure that you continue to add to your letters in Purple Mash this week. They are looking fabulous - you have obviously listened carefully to the success criteria! Remember to try and get a copy of 'King of the Cloud forests' by Michael Morpurgo for after the half term break. See you on Zoom at 11:30! Mrs. Edgecumbe.

Friday 5th February. Well done everyone - another hard-working week! I look forward to seeing you all on Zoom on Monday! Mrs Edgecumbe.

3rd February. Here is today's work - make sure that you are doing the times tables maths activities - they are not optional as we need to focus on tables. I get scores for the work that children do in SumDog and Purple Mash. ADVANCE WARNING - I would like to do some work on a book by Michael Morpurgo called, 'King of the Cloud Forests', after half term. Please could you try to get the book in preparation for that work. It doesn't have to be new, it could be second hand. Whether we are in lockdown, or at school, we will be using that text. If you have difficulty getting the book, please drop me an email. Many thanks, Mrs Edgecumbe.

Tuesday 2nd February. It was great to see you all on Zoom yesterday. Keep working hard! Mrs Edgecumbe

Monday 1st February. You will need the items that you collected for the fake snow activity today. See you all at 11:30 for the Zoom meet. Mrs Edgecumbe.

Friday 29th January. Congratulations to all of you who entered the Wiltshire SumDog competition! Seven children from Waikato were in the top 20! One person in Year 6 came top individually! Year 5 came second overall and Year 6 were third! The next competition is the 5th of March. No SumDog today as I thought that you all deserved a rest! I will send 100 coins to everyone who has played this week. Mrs Edgecumbe

Tuesday 26th January. Great to see you all on Zoom yesterday! Keep up the hard work!

Monday 25th January. Good morning please check the science lesson for today - there is a change of plan. We are going to use some real snow, so you may want to set that up this morning. Check your Purple Mash for feedback about your writing - some fab diary entries! We are doing well in the SumDog competiton but we are not in the lead yet - keep working hard! I hope to see you all on zoom later this morning! Mrs Edgecumbe

Friday 22nd January. The SumDog competition begins today. Please check that you have these things ready for Monday's science when you are going to try to make fake snow. You will need: baking powder, shaving cream, cornflour, hair conditioner and vinegar. Hopefully many of them are in your cupboards already! I look forward to you handing in your finished diaries today. Have a lovely weekend! Mrs Edgecumbe.

Thursday 21st January. I've seen some great diary entries! The diary in Purple Mash was supposed to be about the Windrush from your English lessons. Some of you will need to sort that out today. We didn't manage to get through everything yesterday- I'm sure that some of you at home did though. Well done if you did! Mrs Edgecumbe

Tuesday 19th January. Thermometers are in a lesson on Wednesday. Sorry! If it's more convenient to do the activity on a different day, that is fine! Keep collecting your smaller boxes for Friday's art lesson.

Monday 18th January. Well done for all of your hard work. I have loaded a couple of videos below. Try to get hold of a thermometer that can measure the temperature of liquids by Thursday if you can. Keep working hard! Mrs Edgecumbe

Message for Waikato.

Still image for this video

Making notes for English.

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Friday 14th January. Phew! What a hard-working week it has been! I have seen some fantastic work this week and you all deserve a rest this weekend. You will need some string and some ice cubes for Monday's science lesson and don't forget your boxes - you will need them for next Friday's art lesson. See you all on Monday! Mrs Edgecumbe.

Monday 11th January. Thank you to all the home-learners who sent in Purple Mash work. Thursday's English work has a written comment. If you edited your work and finished it on Friday, I have sent you a recorded message. If you completed the SumDog challenge, you will receive a bonus 50 coins. Thank you also for the photos that you have been sending! :) The work that you need for Monday is below. Keep working hard! Mrs Edgecumbe

Our learning for this term is below. There have had to be some last minute changes due to the current situation and to ensure that children at home and in school have the same learning. If you are looking for the work for 8.1.21, it is below this block of content. Best wishes, Mrs Edgecumbe

Happy New Year! I hope that you are all well and ready for 2021! I am feeling much better now. Please find work for 6.1.21 below. Do email me if you have questions. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am teaching the same lessons in school with the Y5/6 who are in the key worker group. Children can send me photos of their work. Keep working hard! Mrs Edgecumbe

2020 - 2021

Friday 4th December. Please remember to get someone to test you on your tables and spellings today - yes it's Friday! There is a challenge in SumDog too. The work that you need to do today is in the PDFs below. Best wishes,Mrs Edgecumbe

Home Learning - December 2020

Wednesday 2nd December & Thursday 3rd December

Maths:  Please complete lessons on 'Multiplying fractions by fractions' and 'Dividing fractions by integers(1)' from White Rose Maths (link below). Question (and answer) sheets are attached below.  Year 5 should be able to complete most of the first side.  Year 6 should get onto the second side.  The last question on each sheet is a challenge!


English:  Yesterday we started 'The Firework Maker's Daughter' by Phillip Pullman.  Please finish lesson 1 (we got to 11mins30) and then complete lessons 2.


History:  Viking Gods and Goddesses.  Please see below for instructions, PowerPoints and templates/pictures you may wish to use in your work.  There is one worksheet you may wish to print.


Please make sure you also continue to practice your spellings, that you read either to yourself or an adult each day and that you do 15 mins on SumDog.


Learning overview information for term 2. The children will be given a paper copy too.

Anglo-Saxon visitor. Today we learnt lots of new things about the Anglo-Saxons. We played some games and we looked at some artefacts.

Here is our topic overview and introductory letter for term 1. A paper copy will be sent home on Monday 7th September.

Hello Waikato Class!

I am really looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday!

Don't forget that we have PE - even though it is the first day back - so remember to wear your PE kit!


I will meet you as you come in through the door on the right hand side of the bell tower. There is a sneak-peek of the classroom in the pictures below!


See you soon!

Mrs Edgecumbe

Our classroom is set up and ready to go.


Friday 17th July. Well done everybody - we made it to the end of term. Farewell to our fab year sixes! Do come back and see us and let us know how you are getting on! Y5 I will be sending you an email next week with some information about what to expect in September. Have a super break and I look forward to seeing you in September! Mrs E.

Friday 10th July. Well done to everyone who handed in their finding tale on Purple Mash. I have sent you a message. A great effort from you all - well done!

Wednesday 1st July. Oh my goodness - can't believe it's July! For English we will continue to use the booklet called 'The Game'. It was on Rosen page yesterday and on Monday.

Monday 29th June. This week we are going to be doing something different for English. We are going to be working from a booklet called ‘The Game’. You do not have to do it all in one go – it will be split into parts for you. We will not finish the booklet until next week, when we will write our own story in Purple Mash.

Friday 12th June. Look out for the new blog where you can share the books that you are reading for the summer reading challenge. Today I have added a pick and mix document of suggested activities if you would like additional ideas for home-learning.

Wednesday 10th June.Today there is the chance to sign up for the summer reading challenge. You will need an adult to help you - it may take a while. Let me know how you get on signing up!



What do you get when you put Science, Technology, Maths, Coding and Music together?

                STEAM of course!  (STEM with the Arts)

Wiltshire Music Connect has launched an exciting new partnership with Conductive Music which will enable children in Wiltshire to take part in online STEAM workshops in June – learning how to use science, technology, maths and coding to make music.

Wiltshire Music Connect is covering the cost (approx. £7 per participant) so the sessions are FREE of charge.

For more information, please see the website below ASAP:

Monday 8th June. Well done to the people who completed the SumDog challenge on Friday. I have sent you extra coins as a reward. There is some fantastic art work on the Rosen art blog. Have a look and see if you haven't already!

Friday 5th June. Some science and art to finish off the week. Remember to photograph your work and add it to the art or home learning blog.

Monday 1st June. Hello! I hope that you all enjoyed a break over half term. I have sent you a message if you completed the Purple Mash fossil work - there were some really good pieces! Now let's kick off term 6!

Friday 22nd May. Some activities to round off the week. Next week is the half term holiday - so I will not be setting tasks for next week. Have a lovely break! Home-learning will start again on Monday 1st June.

Wednesday 20th May. Sorry that there were problems with the SumDog challenge yesterday. I did manage to reset it eventually. I will set another one on Friday if you missed it! Mrs E

Monday 11th May. Hello! I hope that you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend! Look out for some changes this week. White Rose are no longer putting their activities and answers on their web-site. Instead, you will find them here on Rosen's page - which is why it's looking so busy today! The video will still be on White Rose's site. Mrs E.

Thursday 7th May. Your 'All about me' work has a recorded message from me - listen carefully and check to see if you need to polish and whether you got any rewards. Don't forget to do your spelling test today.

Tuesday 5th May

Monday 4th May. Hello! Well done to everyone who handed in the 'Desert adaptation' work in Purple Mash. If you look in your alerts - click on the bell at the top of the page - you will be able to find your work and listen to my comments. Click on your rewards trophy to see if you got a reward this time. Advance warning! Spelling test will be on Thursday this week as Friday is a bank holiday. Keep up the hard work Rosen! Mrs Edgecumbe.

Thursday 30th April. Last day of the SumDog competition! Currently Y5 are 2nd and Y6 are 9th. Final team effort needed for the last day!

Wednesday 29th April. Check out the SumDog competition. Y5 are 2nd. Y6 are 6th. There's two days to go and everything to play for!

Tuesday 28th April. Sorry for the problems that some of you have been having with the Robin of Sherwood book. Unfortunately, it doesn't work on a tablet - but will on a laptop.

Monday 27th April. Hello! Well done to everyone who handed in their Purple Mash Postcard on Friday. I have sent you a recorded message and given out awards! Check your Purple Mash to see what you've got. Don't forget the SumDog competition this week. Happy Learning! Mrs Edgecumbe

Friday 24th April. We've reached the end of the week! The Wiltshire SumDog competition starts today - make sure that you take part, we can win this if we work as a team!

Thursday 23rd April. Today is St George's Day!

Wednesday 22nd April. Look out for the new home-learning blog where you can add pictures of some of your home learning. Check out William's poem about the current crisis.

Tuesday 21st April. Thank you to everyone who has added their work to the art blog. Remember to add yours too. Have a look at Nathan's blog that I've shared with you for some inspirational ideas. You can add comments to his blog if you'd like to.

Welcome to the summer term! I hope that you are all ready to work hard! Please read your activity sheet carefully.

Easter Activities - there are 4 pages in the document! Mr Dawley has sent some PE suggestions. Don't forget the Sumdog competition. Leave pictures and comments about the Easter activities that you have done in the new Rosen Class Easter eggtivities blog. All blog posts and comments need to wait for approval from me. On days when I am in school, there may be a delay!

Friday 3rd April. Well done! Week two of home-schooling almost completed! I will be posting a variety of ideas for you to try out during what would have been the Easter break. Visit this webpage on Monday to find out more.

Wednesday 1st April. Hello! Lots of people have been blogging about how bored they are. See if you can find the blog and make some suggestions about what people could do to beat the boredom. I know you'll have lots of great ideas! Mrs E.

Friday 27th March. Well done to all of you who have worked so hard this week. Friday's learning is a little different from the rest of the week as there is some art and science. Remember to copy down your new spellings.

Thursday 26th March. Your tasks for Thursday are here. Keep working hard! If you handed your diary in yesterday, you won't be able to add more today. I will be giving you feedback about them soon.

Wednesday 25th March. Hello Rosen, here is Wednesday's work. I have put some pictures of the Tough and Muddy event on the web site. If you click on children, and then gallery, you will be able to see them. Olympics cancelled! Unthinkable! How many times has that happened before? Worth researching and recording in your diary.

Tuesday 24th March. Hello - well done to all of you who are already working hard. I had a sneak peek at your diaries. They are fab! Don't forget to add pictures - and punctuation!! I hope you've been able to find activities ok. I know some websites have experienced high demand. Apparently 200,000 were trying to log onto White Rose Maths at one point! Stay safe!

Monday 23rd March Home-learning. Please feel free to use a notebook for activities - there is no need to print everything off.

Letter for parents regarding home-learning

20.3.20 Spellings for the children who were not in school today. You can copy them carefully into your yellow home-spelling book. Get someone to test you next Friday. The next list will be available next week. I will be posting a letter and home learning materials soon. Mrs Edgecumbe

We've dressed our door for World Book Day! Skellig is the class book that we've been reading this term. Explain what happens in the story to someone at home!

Soap sculpting

Look at this talent!!

Still image for this video
A few dance moves from our residential trip!


Still image for this video

Simon from Wiltshire Air Ambulance visited today. He taught Rosen Class the basics of CPR.

Snapshots from out Intel visit today

An afternoon at Cowage Brook. As part of our work on rivers, we measured the flow, looked at pollution in the brook and studied the plants and banks of the stream. We managed to spot a variety of birds, including some friendly robins and some small fish. It was quite muddy- fortunately, no-one fell in!

Anglo-Saxon visitor and shield drill!

Farleigh-Hungerford Castle

A dragon comes to Hilmarton

Still image for this video

An inspirational sketch book!

Maya cooking

Welcome to Hilmarton Primary School's website. We have some spaces in some year groups, please phone to arrange a visit.