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Look at me! (School Closure Gallery)

Please send photos to - your friends will love to see them.

W has been experimenting

set out skittles and add water
a fantastic array of colours
another skittle experiment
Skittle in a glass tube, add warm water
add vinegar to a fresh egg
leave overnight
makes a bouncy egg

E-G working hard with help from Heidi

H had fun with the rocket mice.

Still image for this video

Look how tall H's tower is

egg shell caterpillar, growing mustard and cress
Science experiment in the garden
recording his findings
a windy day at Windmill Hill Iron Age Fort
at great view of Silbury Hill

W has become Hilmarton Village's News Reporter

Goatacre Manor said thank you with a card & sweets

Ls discovered slime

D's been keeping fit over half term

D's beautiful rainbow trees

L enjoyed her ice lolly after going for a scoot

H has learned how to T-cut

L enjoying chocolate spread and banana on her pancakes

Happy Birthday
Birthday meal at a special restaurant
Table for two
Dance class
Working hard on her writing
Bike maintenance - safety first

N has been busy helping wildlife in his garden - Well done N!

Fluffy the caterpillar
Tiny the caterpillar
A wildlife pond - I wonder who will move in?
A hedgehog house
J working in the garden
Lego challenge
Home learning
Thank you to the NHS
Writing a story
J cooking

VE Celebrations for O and E

C is keeping fit

Science experiments
Maths - number bonds to 20
Babysitting Flo the lamb
Cooking pizza
VE Day medal
Happy VE Day
Trench stew - yum!

O's made bunting for tomorrow's VE Day Celebrations

L's been busy making cakes and going shopping

Making playdough and a ghost buster back pack

Chocolate milkshake and gingerbread
W built a den and had a camp out

L concentrating really hard


Friday 1st May

Times Tables Rock Stars

This weeks results                Headliner      ......................... Chadwick Falcon  (HM-H)

Rock Star      ......................... Joseph Neumann   (JT)

Most Promising Wannabe .... Win Chilton (AP) and Hana Hulsey (AdC)

Certificates have been sent to your parents!



Congratulation to HM-H (aka Scrub Astrotron) who has upgraded from Brass to Copper

D's been making pizza

A walk through the woods
Beautiful art work

J has made a Harley Quinn hammer

F has been busy tie dying tshirts as gifts - aren't they great?

Busy working
Science experiment - rocket mice
A secret swing
Happy Birthday M!
Playing basketball
Mmm yummy!
Reading is cool

P doing some maths

J working with number frames
H in the woods
H has been baking

A has made his own chair - isn't it fabulous?

Easter fun
Rainbow hair
Supporting our NHS
Daily exercise
Exploring the countryside


Friday 24th April

Times Tables Rock Stars

This weeks results                Support Act      ......................... Chadwick Falcon

                                                Most Promising Wannabe ........ London Blackpoolrock

Certificates have been sent to your parents!



Congratulations to EP who upgraded from Rust to Iron and

Congratulation to HM-H who have upgraded from Tin to Brass



          Well done HW  -  fantastic effort and progress this week

H and F are keeping very busy

F's been working hard

J's been learning how to double

J's been writing a story

E found a slow worm whilst out on a walk

H has made fish pie with his big brother

I's St George's dragon

I's number bonds

O's been busy

Working hard - baking
The end result - yum!
Working on a circuit board

W (Rosen Class) has written a fantastic poem for the NHS

H was inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock when decorating his cake

I's been very busy

Designed and tested a parachute for an egg.
An egg zip wire across the dining room.
Building a volcano and creating explosions.
Looking after a ewe and her 2 lambs.
Junk modelling!
Pastels sketching. (This lasted for 5 minutes!


Pre-Easter Update

Times Tables Rock Stars

Results for week ending 10/04/20

                Achieving Rock Star Status  ......................... Joseph Neumann

                On their way as an Unsigned Act  ................ Chadwick Falcon

Certificates are on their way to your parents!

J's been counting in 2s and 10s

Easter craft
H's den
H out walking

Happy Easter Everyone!

Look who has had #hotchofri and celebrated with karaoke

F's been very busy

O's been busy working and playing

J's short story
J's spelling practice
J's night time picture
P decorated a tree to say thank you to the NHS
P's very own veg bed
R had a guitar for his birthday
E made R's cake
R climbing a tree
E's birdhouse


Friday 3rd April

Times Tables Rock Stars

This weeks results                Breakthrough Artist ................... Jack Krammer

                                                Highest Earner ......................... Joseph Neumann

                                                Most Promising Wannabe ........ Chadwick Falcon

Certificates are on their way to your parents!



Congratulations to MD, DD and IM who have upgraded from Rust to Iron and

Congratulation to HM-H and MC who have upgraded from Iron to Tin



          Well done FG  -  fantastic effort this week


I's been painting
J's painted fairy light fir cones
practicing the guitar
busy crafting
A doing his maths
A making a cake
J's been writing

J's been walking and visiting lambs

A's taking care of her animals and riding

H has been practising the piano

H playing trivial pursuit
H and Dad doing Tae Kwon Do
E's writing a story about 5 guinea pigs
E and J have been building a den
EG has been painting a bunny
E on his bike
E's been baking
E on his scooter
E and J reading
E and J made lanterns
W planting sunflower seeds
W growing crystals
W walking Barney


Friday 27th March

Times Tables Rock Stars

Racing to reach number 1                                   KS1 up and coming talent

· London Blackpoolrock                                  *  Allen Bowie

· Milkshake Prophet                                       *  Chadwick Falcon

· Johnnie Spondoolies                                    *  Taylor Fox



Congratulations to MC and AP who have upgraded from Rust to Iron



H has rainbow hair!

E working hard
Out for a bike ride
R cooking dinner

P has been going for daily dog walks

Joe Wicks workout
Working hard
Yoga stretches
Great workstations

Can you spot Jakey?

E in the garden
busy boys
Lotto in the sun
Toilet roll keepie ups
Science experiment
Zoom dance class
E with new puppy Heidi
trampoline hair

Meet the Young family's new hens: Freya, Joy, Bluebell and Speckled.

D helped his Dad build the chicken coop.
J built the platform and ramp.
H working hard
H having #hotchocfri
Ready for a run with Dad
Busy helping out
Just what we need a beautiful rainbow
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