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Are you interested in becoming a Governor?

What does it take to be a Governor at Hilmarton Primary School?

No previous qualifications are required for the role as training is provided; this can be online or during the day or evenings. Our Governors are from different 'walks of life', the more diverse the group of people, the better in many ways, as it ensures that different views, experiences, knowledge and skills are being brought to this important role.


What commitment is required to be a Governor at Hilmarton Primary?

The Governing Board meet six times a year for a Full Governing Board (FGB) meeting, each lasting approximately two hours. Some document reading and question formulation is required beforehand.


Governors are also members of one of two permanent sub-committees: Curriculum and Staffing and Finance and Premises. These also meet every term. At Hilmarton, governors also undertake specific 'link' responsibilities in relation to curriculum areas and classes. This requires governors to spend some time in school, meeting with staff and visiting classes to find out how they work from the inside. From time to time, governors also volunteer to join working parties to complete a specific task; for example, reviewing and updating the school's prospectus. There are also various materials to be read, which are sent through from Wiltshire Governor Support, the Local Authority and the Chair of Governors.  


Regular training is available, and some courses are highly recommended for new governors to feel that they can play an active role.


If you would like to find out more about being a governor at Hilmarton Primary School Please contact:

Simon Purtell (Chair of Governors):

Sam Churchill (Headteacher):

SPACES AVAILABLE - Please contact the school office 01249 760602 for more information and to arrange a visit.